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Dexterity (noun): Readiness and grace in physical and mental activities.

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Our Three Pillars

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Academic Foundations

Your child will develop strong academic foundations. They'll be able to read, write, and speak with confidence.
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Character Development

Your child will develop a strong moral character. They'll learn to be kind, resilient, and have great manners.
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STEM Skills

Your child will develop 21st century skills. They'll learn to code, think scientifically, and solve complex math problems.

Knowledge Builds Knowledge

Dexter uses a research-based, teacher-tested classical curriculum that engages students in diverse historical, scientific, and cultural content.

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    Content-richOur content-rich curriculum engages students in rigorous English language arts and literacy, mathematics, history and geography, science, visual arts, and music.
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    CoherentThe content is organized coherently, or in a logical order, so knowledge builds on knowledge.
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    CumulativeContent and skills spiral within and through the grades.
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    Context-specificIdeas, people, geography, sayings, and more are taught in the context of the time period or related area of knowledge - not in isolation. Students make connections to prior knowledge, other subjects, and real life.

Two Campus Models

A growing network of ESA schools.

Dexter STEM Academy

A Core Knowledge STEM school that focuses on core academics, character development, and 21st century skills. | Ages 4 - 12Find a Campus

Dexter High

An early college high school where students earn an associate degree with their high school diploma. | Ages 13+Find a campus

What parents are saying

"It's kindness, it is magic, it is education, it is change. This has been one of the biggest gifts of our last four years."

"None of the other schools can match the level of learning, dedication, imagination, creativity, enthusiasm and care of Dexter."

"My son finally found a place he thrives."

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